Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

Ever wonder why young soldiers return home "changed" or "different" after their deployment to a war zone? The information found herein may provide an answer. Welcome to my website! Everything here is Vietnam War related, feel free to scroll down and read the many articles, Vietnam War book reviews, Videos, photos, and of course, information related to my two published books. Click below to discover more. Thanks for visiting!!!

What this blog is about

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Initially, I created this website to introduce my book – “Cherries” – which was published in April, 2010.  However, since then, this website has become a collection of articles, pictures, and videos relating to not only The Vietnam War, but also in presenting interesting facts or articles relating to previous or current wars.  Please feel free to explore these pages and leave a comment.

If you have an opportunity to read either of my books, then please leave your feedback or questions here. 

Some readers have also expressed their gratitude to me for maintaining this website as many of the articles are enhancing their education about the Vietnam War.  I’ve also heard from family members of Vietnam Vets, thanking me for putting into words what their Vet is unable to tell.  

To all Veterans from all wars – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND WELCOME HOME! 

On June 15, 2016 – a little over six years since publishing “Cherries…”, my second book, titled, “When Can I Stop Running?” will go live everywhere books are purchased on the internet.  Don’t hesitate to check it out.




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