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Nurses During the Vietnam War

One of my goals was to put together an article featuring nurses in Vietnam.  I’m certain that any soldier who spent time in the hospital there has fond memories of those brave women… Continue reading

Former Vietnam War POW Lt. Col. Odell Tells about the First Hours after his Capture

Air Force Lt. Col. Donald “Digger” Odell, a fighter pilot from Harrison Township was shot down during the Vietnam War and remained a Prisoner of War for five a half years. Shared here to… Continue reading

A Vietnam War Hero: Charles S. Kettles

Profiles in Courage: Charles S. Kettles During the early morning hours of May 15, 1967, personnel of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, were ambushed in the Song Tra Cau riverbed near the… Continue reading

Operation Starlite: First Battle in Vietnam War

This article is dedicated to my Vietnam Brother, Del Ligon, who insisted that I write something about the Marines and the first real battle of the Vietnam War.  Okay, brother…here it is! Date: … Continue reading

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel’s Website Surpasses One-Million Hits

Time to Celebrate! Six years ago, I created this website to promote my new book and offer readers a place to voice their opinion and ask questions.  Since then, I’ve added posts, pictures, videos, music… Continue reading

12 Random Questions and Answers about The Vietnam War

When was the Vietnam War? The commonly accepted dates for the Vietnam conflict are 1954 to 1975. Most of the military fighting occurred between 1957 and 1973. Because Congress never officially passed a… Continue reading

The “Real” Great Escape of WWII

Many of us baby boomers saw this movie while coming of age and thought it was the greatest of all time.  Even today, we’ll watch it again for the umpteenth time.  Why are… Continue reading

VA Disability Claim Myths – 12 Facts You Need to Know About Filing a VA Disability Claim

This article originally posted on “The Military Wallet” on Aug. 2, 2016 by Ryan Guina. I thought the information provided within this article is important and wanted to share it with my readers.  I’m… Continue reading

When Can I Stop Running? – Sample Chapters

I’ve added the preface and first two chapters of my new book for your reading pleasure.  Caution:  Explicit language. The following material is copyright protected and can not be copied or used elsewhere… Continue reading

Who Were All the Players During The Vietnam War?

Support to South Vietnam The war in Vietnam was a much larger event than most people realized.  For starters, forty nations provided assistance to South Vietnam ranging from economic and technical assistance to… Continue reading