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Tunnel Rats in Vietnam

This story originally appeared in:  Thebrigade.com on January 14, 2016 by Chuck My FB friend, Richard Bradley, recently posted the link to this story on his page with the following note: Me and… Continue reading

The Real Tragedy of the Vietnam War

by Christian Appy This article was originally published on TomDispatch.com – Feb. 8, 2015…pictures added by John Podlaski Christian Appy, professor of history at the University of Massachusetts, is the author of three… Continue reading

What is the Most Fortified Military Location in the World?

by Andrew Warinner, Switzerland is the most fortified region of the world.  Surprised? Up until recently, all Swiss houses had a nuclear shelter complete with air filtration system, food supplies, chemical toilets and bunks. Apartment… Continue reading

How did it feel to be a Cherry in Vietnam?

Let me preface this post by saying that over 2.5 million U.S. men and women served in Vietnam during the time period of 1959 – 1975. However, only 10% of the total were in… Continue reading

Zippo Lighters from the Vietnam War

One of the icons of the Vietnam War is the Zippo lighter.  Sure they are wind-proof and guaranteed by the manufacturer to light every time – if it didn’t, it was replaced for… Continue reading

When Puff Ruled The Night: The Birth Of Gunships

Using side-firing weapons on aircraft can be traced back to 1927, when a concept was demonstrated by fixing a .30 caliber machine gun to the side of a biplane and flying a simple… Continue reading

Vietnam vets get medals, 46 years later

By Associated Press September 21, 2013 | 4:47am Modal Trigger Joe Cordileone (left) and Robert Moffatt were finally recognized for their heroism during the Vietnam War. Photo: AP SAN DIEGO — Two Vietnam… Continue reading

Vietnam: First Shots in Combat: April 4, 1968 A defining moment (Guest Blog)

By SSG Arnold Krause Everyone remembers the first time they were shot at in combat in Vietnam. This was my first time. At the end of March, 1968 the battalion was involved in… Continue reading

High School Class analyzes “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel”

A couple weeks ago, I received a Facebook friendship request from Mrs. Danelle Rivera.  I didn’t know her, but clicked on the ‘confirm’ button anyway and went about my business.  The next day,… Continue reading

What Sets The Vietnam Veteran Apart From All Other Wars by Jack Smith

Jack Smith was a veteran ABC News correspondent, as well as a media consultant. During his 26 years with ABC, he won two national Emmys, a Peabody and numerous other awards. He was… Continue reading