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Six years ago, I created this website to promote my new book and offer readers a place to voice their opinion and ask questions.  Since then, I’ve added posts, pictures, videos, music and anything else relating to the Vietnam War or its veterans.  As a result, this website has grown to 235 plus articles and pages and is still growing as I aim for something new every week.  Over the last six months, I’ve seen an increase in traffic – averaging almost 2,000 hits a day.  Visitors are current students, veterans, their families, former POW’s, friends, and a few, here and there, who have actually read my books.  It’s my intent to continue publishing posts that are both informative and educational; thus, maintaining a high level of awareness about the Vietnam War, and keeping the spirit, memories, and sacrifices alive for generations to come.  Always remember:  Those who served in the Vietnam War were the BEST America had at the time!

Note to all:  If you have published a Vietnam War  article elsewhere or would like to publish here, I’m looking for guest bloggers to relate stories – especially those from the “Brown Water Navy” and “River Rats”.   This is an area that I have zero articles about and would really like to add some.  If you’ve published a book about your experiences in the Delta area, then feel free to provide a chapter or two as samples of your story, and I’ll include the link to where the book is sold.  Contact me via personal mail if you are interested (john.podlaski@gmail.com).

So, to celebrate this milestone…I’m going to give away 50 digital copies of each of my two books – first come until they’re gone.  The links are imbedded in the book covers below (click on them) and you’ll be redirected to Smashwords.com where you’ll download a digital copy in a format of your choice.  Use the codes below at checkout!

Thank you all for making this website a success!

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