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Here we are, a little more than six years since publishing my first book, “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel” –  a well-received addition to the many Vietnam War novels out there.  On Amazon, this book has ranked in the top 100 of its category since inception and averages 4.75 stars from 220+ posted reader reviews while the audiobook version was chosen, “The Best Audiobook of 2012” by PageOneLit.com. 

Now, I’m proud to announce that my second book is now available and waiting for readers to snatch up copies.  I have my fingers crossed and hoping for similar results. There will, however, not be an audiobook in the foreseeable future. 

Book description:

When Can I Stop Running?

John Podlaski’s encore Vietnam War novel brings back John (‘Polack’) Kowalski, the central character in ‘Cherries’, and introduces us to Louis (‘LG’) Gladwell, his irrepressible black friend. Polack and LG are a ‘Salt and Pepper’ team, best buddies and brothers in a way that only those who have fought side-by-side in a war can ever truly understand. 

The year is 1970, and the story follows the two soldiers – impressionable Detroit teenagers – during their long night in a Listening Post (‘LP’), some 500 meters beyond the bunker line of the new firebase. Their assignment as a “human early warning system”, is to listen for enemy activity and forewarn the base of any potential dangers. As they were new to the “Iron Triangle” and its reputation, little did they know that units before them lost dozens of soldiers in this nightly high-risk task and referred to those assigned as “bait for the enemy” and “sacrificial lambs”. 

Sitting in the pitch black tropical jungle – with visibility at less than two feet – John’s imagination takes hold throughout the agonizing night, and at times, transports him back to some of his most vivid childhood memories – innocent, but equally terrifying at the time. 

As kids, we instinctively run as fast as we can to escape imaginary or perceived danger, but as soldiers, men are trained to conquer their fears and develop the confidence to stand their ground and fight. Running is not an option. 

In ‘When Can I Stop Running?‘ the author juxtaposes his nightmarish hours in the bush with some of his most heart-pounding childhood escapades. Readers will relate to the humorous childish antics with amusement; military veterans will find themselves relating to both of the entertaining and compelling recollections.

Book trailer:

As a special incentive to those of you who have viewed this article – I am offering the first 50 buyers of my new book a free digital copy of my first book, “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel.”  I have 32 Amazon codes and 18 Smashwords codes in hand.  All emails will arrive in my “new mail box”, and the first 50 listed in sequence by time stamp will be awarded the free copies.  I am not responsible if the address you use is deemed spam and not entered into the correct mailbox. 

Here’s what you must do:  Order “When Can I Stop Running?” from one of the locations below.  Note the confirmation number of your purchase, and send the last 7 numbers and where you bought it in an email to: “john.podlaski@gmail.com”.  I’ll respond to your email and send you the direct link and special gift code that you’ll submit during check-out when purchasing “Cherries…”.  When all copies are dispersed, I’ll list all winners at the bottom of this article.  Good luck!  Thank you all for your participation!

As of 7/15, these are the names of people who have contacted me and received  a free digital copy of “Cherries…”:

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This leaves 27 copies in Amazon and 18 in Smashwords.  Don’t miss out!

To read sample chapters – click on this link to be redirected:  https://cherrieswriter.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/when-can-i-stop-running-sample-chapters/

Book ordering information:

Dolby Digital electronic version (e-book)…

Amazon Kindle & printed copyhttps://www.amazon.com/When-Can-I-Stop-Running-ebook/dp/B01H9BESNC

Apple and other e-reader formats:

Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/632451

Book Tango:  http://bookstore.bookcountry.com/Products/SKU-001102662/When-Can-I-Stop-Running.aspx

Google Play:  https://play.google.com/store/books/details/John_Podlaski_When_Can_I_Stop_Running?id=ijiGDAAAQBAJ

Printed Book:

CreateSpace:  https://www.createspace.com/6357590

Personally autographed printed copy:  Contact me via email (john.podlaski@gmail.com)


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