This year, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund held a Memorial Day Student Video Contest asking the question, “How did Vietnam Change Our Country?”.  Each high-school student was tasked with interviewing Vietnam Veterans and putting together a video presentation which answered the question.  Student videos were uploaded on the VVMF website and three finalists selected – viewers were then prompted to select a winner for 2016.  The students and VVMF used social media and word of mouth to promote the event, encouraging people to vote for the best video, of course, each student strongly promoted their own.

Besides the wording here, this article includes four videos – each less than 5-minutes.  The first is from the VVMF and talks briefly about the Vietnam War Memorial and the future learning museum.  The next three are individual projects from the finalists – the last one received the most votes and was designated the winner for 2016.  Personally, I’d have a hard time choosing a winner, because I thought they were all excellent.

Congratulations Elise, Lindsay and Lydia on your submissions and for keeping The Vietnam War “out there” as a reminder to all that America sent the best they had to fight in the Vietnam War and America should never forget their sacrifices.

These are great  – I hope you agree!









Lindsay Daly, Montrose, PA








Lydia Prislovsky, Kerrville, TX







Elise Lutz, Wake Forest, NC


For more information about the VVMF, please visit their website:

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