Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

Welcome to my website! Did you ever wonder why young soldiers return home "changed" or "different" after their deployment to a war zone? The information found herein may provide an answer. You'll find that most everything is Vietnam War related, but much of what is discussed below also impacts today's soldiers. Please scroll down and peruse the many articles, Vietnam War book reviews, Videos, photos, and of course, information related to my two published books. Thanks for visiting!!!

3 thoughts on “The Battle of Ia Drang Valley

  1. Great narrative. However it fails to point out that the main action of the battle was the 5 day B-52 strike describe in “Intelligence aspect of the Plei Me/Chu Pong campaign” written by BG McChistian, J2 MACV (www,

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  2. Hi Curtis Thanks for the Vietnam WarNovel We are in Berlin Germany . Having a good time. Just now we’re able to get on Internet Always. Jerry Sent from my iPhone


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