I was a featured guest last night on an internet TV show hosted by the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Association.  Mr. Bill Dixon and Mr. Bob Matthews host the show, “Lessons of Vietnam” and use it to teach others about the Vietnam War and its Warriors.  We spent much of the hour talking about my book, “Cherries”, and how many of the events written were similar to their own experiences and earlier tours in Vietnam.  Both offered accolades for my blog site (this one), citing the many  articles, pictures, videos and visitor comments continue to keep the Vietnam War in the forefront – thus, maintaining an awareness and providing an education to those who visit.

We shared some laughs and also listened to a short story from an audience member who called in.  Thank you gentlemen – I had a great time and felt we could have continued for several more hours.  Good luck in future shows and symposiums that your group sponsors.  Thank you for your service and welcome home!

 I’ve provided a direct link to our show and urge everyone to check it out.  Click below to be redirected:




The NCVVI website has many videos available in their archives – all taped presentations from earlier shows.  If anyone is interested in visiting their website and scrolling through the archives (click on tv shows), here’s the link:


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