Revision 1:

This posting is a revision for the one written below.  It appears that the person responsible for creating this page, Ray Smith, stopped updating it in 2007.  However, my friend, Ray Ormond, did some digging around and found another of his websites with way more information – even has items of interest for Marines which the sample below did not.  So, take a look at his stuff…everything is copyrighted so I am not able to copy/paste anything here.  Ray has sent him emails but has not received a response yet.

Here’s the direct link:

Revision 2:

I also received this note on my Facebook page and thought I’d share it here in the event readers want to delve into this much deeper.  Richard Phelps’ High school classmate and fellow Vietnam Veteran, Ray Bows, has recently completed an eight year effort to record bases, camps, and outposts in Vietnam and the heroes for whom they are named.


Original article:

THIS IS A FULL Collection of 4 pages of FIRE BASES, AIR FORCE BASES, Naval and Medical, BROWN WATER Naval, and any and all bases DOD during the Vietnam War 1963 to 1975.

It is a work in progress so if your base is not listed, please inform the website owner to get it added.


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