Entertaining Vietnam :
Director: Mara Wallis | Producer: Richard E Recker
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2003 | Story Teller’s Country: United States

Synopsis: Many of the entertainers who toured the Vietnam war were well known, but not all. Filmmaker Mara Wallis belonged to this lesser known group of freelance performers for over 2 years, and returns to the intensity of those times to tell the performers’ compelling stories in “Entertaining Vietnam.” The entertainers we meet return repeatedly to Vietnam, hitching rides from base to base and performing on landing zones at remote outposts. There were casualties amongst their ranks. Interweaving rare archival footage and interviews with veteran performers from Australia and the U.S., “Entertaining Vietnam” offers new insight into a tumultuous time by taking us to a place only a few really experienced.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film – be advised it is 52 minutes long, but has a lot of actual footage!  Click on the link below to view:


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