There is absolute value in hiring a professional Copy Line Editor to go over your book or manuscript.  Now that the mechanical and grammar revisions are complete, Cherries reads like a new book.   When proofing her work, I found myself drawn into the story and continued reading well into the night.  Not that I had to, but because it was so enjoyable – even after having already read it a thousand times before.   B&N and Smashwords e-book versions are already live, I expect Amazon Kindle to be available tomorrow.  The printed Amazon and CreateSpace versions will take a little longer – perhaps a week or more to complete the process before it is available for sale.  I will certainly let you know when that happens.

This new revision is 47 pages longer and now includes both a list of main character descriptions and a glossary of military acronyms and jargon used in the story.   I found that creating descriptions for these main characters was exceptionally challenging – especially when trying not to give the story away.   It took time, but I was pleased with the outcome – all characters are listed chronologically as they appear in the story.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank  Barbara Battestilli for her hard work and attention to detail in making Cherries even better.  She is very thorough, takes nothing for granted, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.  If anybody out there is in need of her expertise, please let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Never thought it was possible, but Cherries is indeed better.  If you haven’t read this story yet, then please try to visit one of the websites mentioned above and download a sample to read.  You have nothing to lose and might be pleasantly surprised.  

Additionally, I will be interviewed live on “American Heroes Radio” on July 14, 2011 at 6:00 pm (EST).  We will primarily be discussing Cherries –  and leaving enough time near the end of the interview for listeners to phone in and ask direct questions.  I will have more information available about this event within the next few days and will post updates as they become available.  Please visit my blog website for additional information about my book and to read short postings of what these young soldiers had to endure while in Vietnam.

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