I’m proud to announce that  “Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel”  is now listed at #6 on the Best Seller Ranking for Kindle Military History Novels, #8 for Books Military History Novels and #12 for Kindle History books about the Vietnam War.  I am quite excited and wanted to share the excellent news with everyone.   Overall, “Cherries” is ranked 18,645 of all books selling on Kindle.  Still pretty good considering most books begin their journey at 2.5 million – as “Cherries” did two years ago.  So what does all this mean?  Ranking high in the individual categories will allow more visibility for that title when buyers are searching through that one genre.  The real goal is to join those in the top 100 overall so that your title can be viewed on the home pages of those book stores.    Many war veterans (then and now) have thanked me for putting into words a story they could not tell.  Others could relate to many of those experiences in the book and claim they still happen today.  “Cherries” has a message that has to be told!

Satisfied readers have responded on Facebook, my blog and via personal email – all leaving positive comments about this great story.  I remain thankful to those folks for taking the time to write a few words about their reading experience.  However, the public doesn’t see these fantastic opinions, because they don’t know me or “Cherries” and don’t follow my blogs or FB page.  With your help, I can reach out to those strangers and pull them in.  How?  Well, let’s talk about a couple ways.  First, get the word out.  Share this article or your testimonial of “Cherries” on your FB page, Twitter, email, etc. and ask your friends and followers to do the same.  Secondly, I am humbly asking those of you who have read “Cherries” to visit Amazon, B&N, Apple – wherever you purchased the book – and post your testimonial and rating; a sentence or two is sufficient.  Testimonials are very meaningful and help to sell books!

Currently, the VA hospitals are overflowing with warriors of all ages seeking help.  War is hell and young soldiers were not ready to absorb the harsh physical, mental and emotional toll that the conflict will eventually take on them.   Reading “Cherries”  can be a learning experience to those never experiencing combat; parents and spouses of current and former warriors – especially those young teenagers who are considering to join the military after high school, and finally for the friends and family of those never making it home.  There are “Cherries” in every war!  Please help me to get the word out!  I sincerely thank you for your time and effort.