The live interview with John Podlaski was a huge success and was rated one of the best by interviewer Lt. Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (Ret).   He had read the author’s book and referred back to it when asking very specific questions about Cherries and of the author himself.   There wasn’t a dull moment and the hour was filled with interesting comments from both sides.  If you missed the live interview, it is highly recommended for you to listen to an archived version at your leisure.   Cherries is a must read for all veterans and parents of veterans; the prior group will relate, and the parents will have a peek at what their children may be going through or have already endured.  This interview will leave you yearning for more and give you a reason for purchasing my story.  Please click on the link below to access and listen to the archived version.  Feel free to add comments either on this blog, Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel Facebook Fan page or American Heroes Radio Facebook fan page.

cherries interview

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