Apex Reviews gives Cherries 5 stars

Cherries review by Apex Review

Bernie Weisz, Vietnam War Historian and book reviewer – gives Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel – five-stars and highly recommends this book.  Mr. Weisz’ in-depth review is laced within a brief historical overview of the Vietnam War.   The novel and book review are both featured on “The New Book Review blogspot”.  Please click on the link above to read this very captivating book review about a very special story.  Once you have finished, please share this link with others.

The New Book Review.

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel and author John Podlaski are featured on The Indie Spotlight, a website that promotes independent authors and their work.  John responds to questions about his novel, inspiration, writing process / routine, time to complete and of his hopes of what readers will come away with after completing his novel.  This feature also includes a short excerpt from his story.  Please take a few moments to become acquainted with this author and his first novel:

The Indie Spotlight

The Canadian National Examiner Magazine publishes three-part interview with Cherries author John Podlaski:

National Examiner Interview with John Podlaski

Book Review by Christopher Slater on the website:  Historical Book Reviews:


Detailed Book Review by Erich Eipert on his blog site:


“Ask David” Website interview with author:


Book Review by Allbooksreviewinc and published on Broowaha E-Magazine:


Author interview on Freado.com – Where readers discover new books and authors:


Author interview on Bookgoodies.com, a website where readers discover new books and authors:

Interview with Author – John Podlaski

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