This book took thirty years to complete. It was originally written in a first person format and then later re-written in third person per the publishers advice. The original was written on a typewriter with carbon paper and later retyped and saved to 5.25″ floppy disks when the Atari computer came out. The project stalled in 1989 and sat dormant until this past summer, 2009. I found it to be very expensive to convert the Atari 8-bit format to Microsoft Word and knew my only alternative was to retype it once again.   I still had the Atari and disks so I set everything up in the garage and printed out everything saved on a dot matrix printer.   My daughter, Nicole, wanted to help and came to my rescue by duplicating each keystroke and saving it to a memory stick.  Since then, I was able to complete the book – which has doubled in size from the original first person version.   I am also very thankful to her for taking the time to edit my

rewrite prior to this publication.

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