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The American Pride Chevrolet

I COULDN’T EVEN GUESSTIMATE THE AMOUNT OF MAN HOURS THAT WENT INTO THIS PAINT JOB. For all of you veterans…Take a close look at the detail! May God Bless the USA , every… Continue reading

A Look at the Ho Chi Minh Trail – Today

Quite interesting travel log of mountain bikers who traveled the Ho Chi Minh trail through Laos with photos to show what the area looks like today. Click: http://www.laosgpsmap.com/ho-chi-minh-trail-laos/ If you enjoyed this article… Continue reading

Civilian Entertainers during the Vietnam War:

Entertaining Vietnam : Director: Mara Wallis | Producer: Richard E Recker Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2003 | Story Teller’s Country: United States Tags: Vietnam, Asia, War, Conflict, Service Synopsis: Many of the… Continue reading

Vietnam War Casualties #2

After reviewing my last post and list of casualties, readers asked for additional information such as a breakdown by rank, female (military and civilian) and why the earlier grouping didn’t include Hispanics.  Thanks… Continue reading

Where is Richard’s ‘Veteran-Friendly’ Coffee Shop”?

Richard’s Coffee Shop Mooresville, NC. Small town USA at its best. Let’s go inside for a few moments. How does “smoke” get in your eyes when no one is smoking? Many vets have… Continue reading

What is a Vet?

                  Some Veterans bear signs of their service:  a missing limb, a jagged scar, a certain look in the eye. Others may carry the evidence… Continue reading

Casualty Lists of the Vietnam War

American Casualties by Age Groups: Age at Time of Death Recorded Casualties 17 12 18 3,103 19 8,283 20 14,095 21 9,705 22 4,798 23 3,495 24 2,650 25 2,018 26 1,414 27… Continue reading

F-8 Crusader on Fire over the Pacific (Guest Blog)

Did you ever have one of ” those days ” ?  Ya’ don’t wanna’ ask “What next”. You just might find out. ___________________________________ “Jud you’re on fire, get the hell out of there!” … Continue reading

Trial by Fire – A Helicopter Pilot During the Vietnam War (Guest Blog)

First Person by Captain Thomas A. Pienta, U.S. Army (ret.) November 27, 1968. It was Thanksgiving Day back home in Ohio, but it wasn’t Thanksgiving in Vietnam. It would prove to be one… Continue reading

How we kept informed in Vietnam

I’ve posted an excerpt from our weekly newspaper in Vietnam, which highlights stories from the 25th Division.  The second article below (1/27th) is a blurb about the bunkers we found; the full story… Continue reading