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Initially, I created this wesite to introduce my book – “Cherries” – which was published in April, 2010.  However, since then, it has become a collection of articles, pages, and videos relating to… Continue reading

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel is available from these great websites:

Cherries – A Vietnam War novel as seen through the eyes of an eighteen year old “virgin” Infantry Soldier. He is afraid, naive and innocent upon his arrival, and must learn the ropes quickly to survive. After coming under enemy fire and witnessing death firsthand, his mind-numbing journey will begin; his knowledge, experience and confidence will grow, he is still afraid of dying, and months later completes the transition to battle-hardened veteran.

Sample First Six Chapters (written & audiobook)

The first six chapters of Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel (revised edition) are posted on “Scribd” as a free sample for all to read. If you haven’t purchased the book yet, please… Continue reading

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My Personal Library of War Books & Reviews

Since publishing “Cherries” four years ago, I learned how important reviews and ratings are to both authors and potential readers.  As a result, I began writing book reviews on Amazon dot com for… Continue reading

Vietnam Vet Makes Peace with Former Enemy Soldier – 25 Years after the Battle

These four videos were originally published in 1994… Paul Reed, a resident of North Dallas, TX, volunteered for the U.S. Army; gung-ho and not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to fight communists… Continue reading

World War I in Photos: A Century Later (Guest Blog)

One hundred years after the start of the Great War, none of the participants remain alive, and we are left with aging relics, fading photographs, scarred landscapes being reclaimed by nature, and memorials… Continue reading

Soldier Nicknames in The Nam

When serving during the Vietnam War, many of us were unaware of the real names of our fellow soldiers in the bush; the exception being those extremely close to us.  Our fatigues were… Continue reading

Former Nam Cobra Pilot Gives Heartfelt Speech at ASA Reunion

Published with the permission of Robin Woo. Angry Skipper Association, Inc. (D Co. 2/8th Cav, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) 65-72) recently held their Vietnam Veteran Reunion / banquet in Myrtle Beach on May… Continue reading

I know you from somewhere…

by Jon Davis, Sergeant of Marines. Fought in Iraq during OIF. Amateur military historian.  When I went through boot camp, upon enlisting with the United States Marine Corps, I had this one drill instructor. Every… Continue reading

50 years later, Vietnam War’s first MOH recipient remembers

Medal of Honor recipient, U.S. Army Capt. Roger Donlon, was the first U.S. servicemember to be awarded the medal for actions during the Vietnam War. By Lauren Sage Reinlie Northwest Florida Daily News,… Continue reading

Vietnam: Looking Back – At The Facts

1 Jun 01 © By: K. G. Sears, Ph.D., with permission – Ron Leonard (http://www.25thAviation.org) One reason America’s agonizing perception of “Vietnam” will not go away, is because that perception is wrong. It’s… Continue reading

Eight things you’ll learn from this book

  Readers – CAN YOU ADD TO THIS LIST??? If you have not yet read this book and want to learn more – go here for ordering information:  I want a copy If… Continue reading